Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I think I was born traveling.  My earliest memories are of my parents sticking my sister and me in the back seat of our car on what would now be a highly illegal bunky board, with no seatbelts, and heading out.  Later, they bought a camper and I was drug all over the country riding in the back.  Traveling in such close quarters is not something a maturing young girl really wants to do. 

We hit all 48 contiguous states and by the time I was in 4th grade we visited Hawaii too on the first of what would be numerous trips.  My parents loved Hawaii and wanted to move there.  They were able to spend many winters there in retirement, and, in fact, both their ashes are scattered on Diamond Head according to their wishes.  When I was 18 we traveled on a Holy Lands tour for a month that included Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Rome and Greece with unbelievable sights that most people only dream of seeing.  Then at 19, I got married and moved to Tehran, Iran where I lived for a year and a half.  But that’s another story.

   I didn’t realize at the time what a great gift my parents had given me.  Not only did I get to see these historic and iconic wonders of the world for myself but it instilled in me a lifelong love of travel.  In fact, I am not ashamed to admit that I am a travel junkie.  Nothing gets me more excited than traveling to some far-off exotic place. The downside is that it’s getting harder and harder to feed the addiction.

  I have now been fortunate enough to visit all 50 states, 65 countries and 6 continents…..so far.  The plane’s wheels usually haven’t even touched down from one adventure and I’m already planning the next one.  And that’s the way I see our trips, as adventures.  I do actually have a travel bucket list and I’m checking them off steadily and we have a huge wall map in our basement tracking our travels.  Travel is my passion.  It is an education like none other.  Not only does it bring history alive and make geography personal, but you learn so much about people from other cultures.  In today’s world, it wouldn’t hurt if we knew a little bit more about the other people on the planet.  Luckily, John, my second husband, was okay with my obsession and has been a willing participant and even an enabler.  More soon!  Ann

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