Monday, June 16, 2014

"How Far Away Have You Traveled?"

by John
Our path around the world starting in Indy. 14 airports in 14 days.

That's the question we got from our waitress at dinner the other night when the subject of travel came up and we indicated that we had traveled rather extensively.  I don't think we've ever had that particular question. We always get "What's your favorite place?" or "Have you ever been to________?"  (Italy and probably, respectively).  But the way this question was phrased was a new one.  "How far...?"  My initial response was, "As far as we could, because once we had gone so far, we were on your way home."

I was thinking of the classic riddle:
How far can you walk into the woods?  The answer: Half way. After that you're walking out of the woods.

That was the case on a trip back in 2010 that took us around the world (see the accompanying flight path nearby).  Ann wrote about it in a previous Excellent Adventure post.  Now, even though we can officially say we joined the Circumnavigator's Club, I suppose we didn't technically go as far away as physically possible on the planet.  That would be the exact opposite side of the globe from Indianapolis; a point somewhere in
The farthest away spot.  Flight 370?  Maybe.  Ann & John?  No.
the southern Indian ocean.  Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 might have made it there, but not us.  Yet.

It is an intriguing question, nonetheless.  So we'll ask you.  How far away have you traveled?

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